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Australain Champion Tobenlee Hi There Reba


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE:CH.Tobenlee K Cee Bandit S: CH. Pj`s All Kiddin Aside S:  AM.CH. Jordean All Kiddin Aside AM JH ( USA )
D:  AM.CH. PJ`s Dats Da One ( USA )
D: CH. Likren Goodnite Suzzanna S: AM.CH. Jordean Your Wildest Dreams ( USA )
D: AM.CH. Jordean Goodnight Louise ( IMP USA )
DAM: Tobenlee Itz Al About Me D: CH. Rocklan Jordean Night Hawk ( IMP USA ) S: AM.CH. Jordean UP All Night (USA )
D:  AM.CH. Jordean Not Forgotten AM. JH ( USA )
D: Tobenlee Made In Oz S:  Wameika Defier
D:  Tobenlee Red Red Rose




Australain Champion Tobenlee A Vision Of U



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

S: Aust Supreme Ch Tendayi Dare Ya Ta Whispa

S: CH.Rocklan Jordean Night Hawk  (IMP USA) AM.CH.Jordean Up All Night ( USA )
AM.CH.Jordean Not Forgotten AM.JH. ( USA )
D: Aust Ch Tobenlee Th Bear Facts CH.Pj`s All Kiddin ASide ( IMP USA )
CH.Likren Goodnite Suzzanna (IID )

D: AUST.CH.Tobenlee Hi There Reba

S: Aust Ch Tobenlee K-Cee Bandit CH.Pj`s All Kiddin ASide ( IMP USA )
CH.Likren Goodnite Suzzanna (IID )
D: Tobenlee Itz Al About Me CH.Rocklan Jordean Night Hawk  (IMP USA)
Tobenlee Made In Oz







Tobenlee Ain`t Givin No Kisses ( AI ) 



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

  AM.CH.SUP.CH.Dogwood Hollow Out Of The Park

S:  AM CH Hopes Autumn Sno Storm(USA) AM CH Hope’s Oliver Twist (USA)
AM CH Jenmar’s Case Of Beer (USA)
D:  AM CH Jordean Simply Elegant (USA) AM CH Jordean All Kidding Aside JH (USA)
 AM CH Jordean Synsational JH (USA)

CH.Tobenlee A Vision Of U

S:  Multi BIS. / RBIS & BISS SUPREME Champion Tendayi Dare Ya Ta Whispa S: AUST CH Rocklan Jordean Night Hawk(IMP U.S.A)
D: AUSTCH Tobenlee Th Bear Facts
D:  Ch.Tobenlee Hithere Reba S: CH.TOBENLEE K CEE BANDIT